After this long exam season I finally have some time to write. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to renew my domain so .wordpress.com is my new home.

Today I want to talk about an issue that has plagued me since the seventh grade: waxing. I am an Indian woman. For those of you who have never experienced being an Indian woman, it comes with a LOT of hair (and a lot of heart <3).



By the time I turned twelve I had the moustache of a full grown man, and a unibrow to round out the look. Twelve year old me really couldn’t care less about this, but it became apparent very quickly that in this country, more hair meant less friends. So, I set about learning the art of hair removal.

My family’s facial hair was so bad that my grandma and my aunt became trained electrologists and owned their own machines so that they could tend to the family brows. My aunt was kind enough to offer to do my brows for free and this is where my long, painful journey with electrolysis began.

Pretty soon my family had decided they could never work on my brows again because I was too much of a wimp so I had to pay someone to do them. Electrolysis is horrible. Freeze cream helps a little, but for me the feeling was so irritating it was not worth it. I did electrolysis once a month for a year. The sessions usually took about half an hour and we always used the highest intensity. After, I wouldn’t often have tiny scabs appear on my forehead at the roots of the hairs. The results were noticeable, after the year the hair was very fine and grew back much slower. However, after spending over $600 on my brows, I was out of money and could not follow through with the process. If you have less stubborn hair, and thinner brows your treatments will be much shorter and less expensive and you may only need to have a couple of sessions. While the pain sucks, if this is the case, having your brows perfect forever is definitely worth it and will save you money in the long run. Now I am the only woman in my family who doesn’t have perfect brows.


Waxing is a process that has never worked for me and my facial hair. Every time I have gotten waxed, it has grown back in a week. Who has the time or the money to get their brows done that often? At home, I sometimes wax my brows using Nair Spa Clay wax strips. This gives me a defined, clean look that tweezers cannot achieve, however the hair grows back extremely fast. I use this only as a last resort.


Bleaching I have found to be the most effective method for concealing facial hair. It does not remove the hair, it simply makes it a very light blonde colour which makes it less noticeable. Unfortunately, this cannot be used near the eye area so I use it only on my upper lip and sideburn areas. If you have thicker face hair it may not be able to effectively conceal your hair and may not be suitable for you. I recommend using Jolen brand. It can be found at Shopper’s Drug Mart, is decently priced, painless, and effective.


This had no effect on my face hairs but worked wonderfully on my arms and legs. My mom, who has much darker hair than me uses it on her face and loves it. If you are someone who has dark, course hairs you may want to give this a try. It is less likely to give you ingrown hairs than waxing and keeps the hair gone for much longer. From my experience, it is not a permanent hair removal solution. The No!No! can be bought in As Seen on TV stores or online here. Just be sure to use a gentle moisturizer afterwards, preferably containing aloe.


The only part on my body I use hair removal for is the bikini area. This is a very sensitive area and it is important to be cautious.


Yikes. Every time I shave I regret it. The hair always comes back ingrown and my skin becomes very irritated, itchy, red, and damaged. I do not recommend shaving, but if you are there are some things you can do to make it easier.

  1. Pull skin as taught as possible before shaving
  2. Use new, very sharp razors
  3. Use tons of shaving cream
  4. Do it when your hair is not too long, or trim hair so that it is shorter
  5. Exfoliate before and after
  6. Moisturize after

Hair removal cream:

I used Nair for sensitive skin. This stuff does not seem strong enough to work on my hair, and if you get it on any sensitive areas accidentally it is very painful. It works on the very edges, but if you want the whole thing bare you should look for other options. It is also really annoying to keep it on for ten minutes, you have to be very still or it gets everywhere. It also smells terrible.


I thought sugaring was the best thing in the world, but that was only because I didn’t know better. Sugaring seems really great when the saleswomen tell you about it, but when done properly by a skilled professional, waxing is much better. Sugaring can be more painful, it is messier/stickier, and much more expensive. They say it keeps the hair away for much longer but this was not true of my experience, waxing kept the hair away for just as long.


Do not wax at home! Once, I waxed at home and it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. The thing about waxing is that the angle you pull the strip really makes a difference to the level of pain you experience and the effectiveness of the strip. I was physically not strong enough to pull the strip off properly from the angle it must be at when you do it yourself. The hair did not come off and I had to cut the strip out. It hurt a ton and I could not get the wax off, so I was sticky until I could get it done professionally.

When getting waxed at a salon, there are two different kinds of wax that you can be offered. If a salon tries to wax you entirely with soft wax, find a different salon. Hard wax is the most painless and quick solution. It is very effective. Soft wax is gentler and most likely they will need to use this on your more sensitive areas, but it cannot cover as much area as once and it cannot give you such a precise pull which makes the process less painful. From everything I have tried, a combination of hard and soft wax is the best method.

So there you go, hair removal advice from a real live yeti!



Winter Faves

Okay it’s not really specifically my favourites for winter its more of an overall faves kind of post, but I want to start doing something more consistent with this blog and I don’t have enough money to buy a ton of new products every month and post about my favourites, so I’m just going to do it seasonally if that’s cool. So these are my faves right now (sorry that the bottles aren’t clean and pretty):


Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm: I got this in my Birchbox and it is amazing. I bite my lips and can’t seem to stop so they are constantly dry and damaged but when I put this on before bed, I wake up in the morning and they are pretty much healed! It’s a life saver.

Sephora Brand Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry: I know this is kind of a summery colour but I wear it in the winter anyway because it looks amazing on me and it can last the weather. With all that ice and snow blowing at you all the time and the many hot chocolates you’ll be sipping it takes a pretty tough lipstick to survive and I find that only liquid lipsticks can do it.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: It’s great. It’s just so great. It’s not too thick and not too drying but still very pigmented and it stays on well and I love it so much.

Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner Pencil: This I also got in my Birchbox and it is by far the best pencil liner I have ever tried. It is smooth and goes on in a bold, dark line. It is fairly easy to smudge though, but it’s worth it for how easily and precisely it applies.

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care for Sensitive Skin: This is another product that really helps with the whole lip biting thing. It’s less sticky than Dr. Lipp so it’s my daytime treatment. It also does a good job soothing stinging from dry and damaged lips and protecting lips from winter winds that chap and damage.

The Body Shop Foundation in 308 Rose Beige: This is the only foundation I have ever found that exactly matches my skin tone so I applaud the body shop for including me this way. Unfortunately, because it is so unpopular in my area the colour was discontinued at my local stores, but the plus side is that I bought all of their remaining bottles, which was 25 for $3 each! Hopefully they still have a wide range of colours in your area. If they don’t, like me, you might want to consider moving to a more diverse place. This foundation is also so moisturizing which is great because I sometimes get eczema in winter on my nose. I would classify the coverage as light to medium though and it is more of a BB cream than a full coverage foundation. But, I have great concealers so I just use that on any spots that need more coverage and stick with this foundation for the bright, dewy finish. It also doesn’t oxidize at all so I don’t start to look orange part way through the day which is A+.

Sephora Translucent Setting Powder: You can pretty much use any brand for this, I just suggest that if you haven’t already to switch to using a translucent powder. The other ones always look uneven and orange.

NYX Full Coverage Concealer: It really does cover everything and it doesn’t apply thickly or crease at all! It also isn’t sticky like other pot concealers so it doesn’t feel as gross on the face.



These aren’t separated for any reason, I just couldn’t fit them all into one photo.

NYX Matte Finishing Spray: It sprays in a nice mist and actually makes a difference in how long your make-up lasts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette: So this palette was limited time only which means I may just be rubbing it in your face right now that I have it and you don’t, but I have to recognize it so they’ll bring it back! It is so good! It was developed specifically for Indian skin tones which is amazing cause usually palettes are way too light for me so there isn’t really any useful highlighting options and there’s all these greys and greens that I have no interest in. This is my go-to palette for everything now.

Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream Moisturizer:  I have talked about this product before, but I love it so much I’ll rave about it for a second time. This moisturizer smells so good it makes me hungry every time I smell it. It also contains 4% alpha hydroxy which means that on top of moisturizing your skin, it eats up the dead skin cells to expose newer, healthier cells. If you have severely dry skin this is the right product for you.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks: It says it’s meant for pregnant women but everyone gets stretch marks! It takes a while to show results, but it does reduce the look of stretch marks. I use it twice a day and have seen significant change. I also think it smells nice, like creamy chocolate.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips: I do not recommend you use this product if you have really sensitive skin and even though it says you can use it on your bikini line-don’t. Get a professional to do that for you always. Maybe one day if I have a few drinks and the mood is right I’ll tell you about why. But, this product is affordable and so convenient and easy to use. I use it on my face when I don’t have time to get my brows done and sometimes on my body as well. The results do not last up to four weeks-at least not for me, but I am Indian which means I started hair removal at age ten and have pretty much no sensation in the skin around my eyebrows and my hairs are so used to being yanked out they can grow back within a day. Honestly though sometimes you just have to take the easy option and that’s what these strips are. I cut them to the shape of my eyebrow, stick ’em on, and rip ’em off. Done.


So that’s all the stuff I use regularly. If you have anything you think I should add or try, leave a comment! If you have had a bad experience with any of these products and don’t think they should be on this list leave a comment about that too!


Need to Knows: Dying Your Hair an Unnatural Colour

In case you hadn’t noticed, my hair is purple! People often ask me how I keep the colour so vibrant so I thought I’d share my secrets with you all.

First Attempts

My first attempts at colouring my hair were TERRIBLE. I would show you, but no photos of me exist during this period unless I was accidentally captured in the background of someone else’s picture. If you’re ever looking at old photos of you and your friends at the mall or you and boo being romantic at the park and you notice a brown girl in the back with brunt off, orange hair in the background that is me. Please destroy the photo immediately.

The first colour I ever tried was red which is proven to be the most difficult hair colour to maintain. It washes out super quickly, often ends up looking brown, fades to a horrific orange, and when you decide to try another colour it will be impossible to get rid of. Starting your dying career with red is like learning to play the piano and jumping straight to Mozart. You have to play Twinkle Twinkle first! Okay, maybe its not quite as difficult as Mozart but it’s very frustrating. I used countless hair dye removers, wasted hundreds of dollars, and finally had to get the chemical cut (dun dun dunnnnnn). It was terrible, but when I first got it done it looked pretty so I persevered. This is what I have learned:

  1. If you want a super bright unnatural colour like bright red or purple permanent dye will not achieve this. You have to use a semi-permanent dye because they are much more vibrant. The regular dye lasts longer but always looks much more muted.
  2. If you have dark hair, no matter how much you pray, if you want a bright colour you have to bleach.
  3. Never bleach the same hair more than once. Ever. Never do it! Don’t do it.
  4. Kool-Aid dying does not work.
  5. Semi-permanent does not mean you’ll have to dye your hair only once a month like it says on the box.You’ll have to do it way more often.
  6. It also doesn’t mean you’ll have to do it every day like it seems you’ll have to at the beginning.
  7. Semi-permanent dye is less of a dye than a stain. The more you stain your hair the more permanently it will be stained (if that makes sense). The colour builds and becomes more difficult to wash out over time. When I started with the purple, I re-dyed my hair every week (also not recommended it is very damaging) in order to maintain the colour. A year later I do it probably every two months and even then it’s just a touch up. This also depends on how particular you are about the shade as purple, unlike red, does not fade to an ugly colour but starts as a grape and simply becomes more pink/magenta overtime. I don’t mind this so I leave it.
  8. Nail polish remover and toothpaste can get dye off your skin and pretty much any other surface if you’re klutzy like me and destroy your entire bathroom every time you attempt this.
  9. Putting a little bit of dye into your shampoo helps.
  10. Unfortunately, the cold water thing is not a myth. Washing your hair with cold water will make it last longer. If you can’t stand to do this every time, at least do it the first time after you dye your hair. I always wash my hair in the sink with cold water to remove the dye and I’ve found that this helps to seal in the colour.
  11. Never buy white pillow cases or towels unless you’re also buying an enormous amount of laundry bleach.
  12. All dye is very damaging. Get a great leave-in conditioner and a hair mask. Look for hair masks containing keratin, coconut oil, and other healing ingredients.
  13. Using a sulfate free shampoo is a great start, but switching to natural, non-damaging hair care systems will help preserve your colour even more. You could try a co-wash or one of lush’s shampoo bars. When you use harsh shampoos and conditioners they open your hair shaft allowing the colour to leak out whereas gentle products will keep this opening minimal which will prevent your colour from running as much. Heat also opens the hair shaft which is why washing hair in cold water is helpful. These are really expensive solutions though so if you want to use a truly natural hair cleanser you could give apple cider vinegar a shot. This will however do nothing for the style of your hair and does not smell good (in my opinion).

There ya go! Dye yourself something wild like turquoise or flamingo pink!

Dark Circles Tutorial

Having dark skin means that you have even darker under eye circles. Sometimes products in Canada aren’t really made with darker skin in mind and they really don’t help much. But, I’ve devised a system that works for my skin and I hope it works for you too!

Here are some photos of my natural face for reference:


These dark craters of doom, also known as my eyes, have cause me much grief cosmetically.

Step 1: Primer

The primer I use is Pur Mineral’s Dark Spot Correcting Primer which I talked about in this post. In short, for dark circles its important to use an orange/peach toned primer and concealer in order to counteract the purple undertones in your skin. More info on colour correcting can be found here.


Make sure you blend your primer well onto the top of your cheekbones so that  it will transition nicely into your blush.

Step 2: Concealer

I use two different concealers. The first one is Colour Fx in light. I use this for the same reason I use my primer which is as a colour corrector. It applies more heavily than the primer and I find my circles are dark enough that I have to completely coat them in product that can cancel out the darkness before putting on concealer that matches my skin tone. If your circles are not as bad as mine I recommend you skip this step.

The second concealer I use is NYX Concealer Jar in Tan. This concealer is similar to Benefit’s Erase Paste but is cheaper and is available in more shades. I also find it less sticky, but not as long-lasting. Unfortunately, Benefit does not have a shade that matches my skin so it is an easy decision for me, but Erase Paste is a product you may want to consider.

Cover Fx                                              NYX

Step 3: Setting Powder

I always use setting powder because otherwise I find that my face feels sticky  and my make-up just rubs right off. I never use coloured powder though because it always comes out looking orange and bunches up in one place. The powder I have grown to love is the Sephora brand translucent powder. I use the loose powder because I find that it can be applied more gently so you rub off less foundation and concealer while applying it.


Step 4: Setting Spray

Now all you need to do is set your make-up with a long lasting spray! Mine is NYX matte finish.


Step 5: Apply the rest of your make-up.

All I did after that was apply a little bit of blush, highlighter, mascara, and lipgloss. This whole process took me about 8 minutes.

There you go! (I tried not to smile in some of these photos so that my under eye area wouldn’t crease and you could see it clearly, but it felt SO AWKWARD!)

To recap: in terms of shade we went from

this: 12527628_10206921283045132_2116945175_n.jpgto this: 12527747_10206921313565895_1426232153_n.jpg

Not to toot my own horn but that’s pretty good.

(photos cropped from outer corner of right side eye).

Thanks for reading! As always if you have any different ideas or general comments leave me a reply! XOXOX


Setting Spray Review

Setting sprays can be really expensive and I’ll be honest, I was on the fence about whether or not they actually work. I’ve tried a bunch so I’ll break it down for you guys.

Make-Up Forever Setting Spray

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.18.52 PMCost: CND $34 for 124 mL ($0.27 per mL)

This spray, found at Sephora, is surprisingly the second cheapest option out of these four sprays. The spray did help my make-up last longer, but did not do anything to prevent my make-up from creasing. It also applies very wet and takes some time to dry so I would recommend applying mascara after spraying this and leaving time for it to set. MOST LIKELY TESTS ON ANIMALS (it was given to me as a gift so I included it).

Verdict: 7/10

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Spray

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.19.51 PM.png

Cost: CND $36 for 118 mL ($0.30 per mL

This is the most expensive of the sprays and probably the most popular. I generally think its overrated. It did keep my make-up in place for many hours, but not all night long as promised especially if you are going to be exerting yourself or spending a lot of time outside. It works really well, but oversells itself. It did, however, have the best bottle that produced a nice mist rather than a spray of product.

Verdict: 6.5/10

NYX Make-up Setting Spray Matte Finish

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.21.44 PM

Cost: CND $17.62 for 60 mL ($0.29 per mL)

This is my favourite one of all of them. I was very surprised that it is so expensive when you consider the size of the bottle, but I would still say it is a worthwhile buy. It also may be possible to get it for cheaper in the US, but since it isn’t sold in Canada I have to pay much higher prices. This product worked just as well as the Urban Decay spray on my skin. It did help my make-up to stay perfectly in place for five hours. After that, it began to fade but still remained presentable for another two-four hours. It also was quick drying and the bottle sprayed evenly, though a tad forcefully.

Verdict: 9/10

e.l.f. Mist and Set

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.24.43 PM

Cost: CND $3.00 for 60 mL ($0.05 per mL)

This product is so cheap! It keeps your make-up in place for about four hours, so it would be a good idea to bring it with you in your purse and give yourself another spritz at lunch. Even with the extra product you’ll be using it is still much cheaper than the alternatives. The bottle sprays really strongly though and it will cause all your make-up to run if you aren’t very careful. I simply kept my Urban Decay bottle and poured the e.l.f. solution into the Urban Decay bottle and found the product much more effective when you can get an even coating over your face. So, if you’re going to get this product it would be in your best interest to get another spray bottle to transfer it into. All that said, it is just such a good deal!

Verdict: 7.5/10

Overall I would recommend the NYX spray over all the others, but I may be biased cause I am a HUGE NYX fan. Hope this helps!



I’m Back! Let’s Talk Birchbox

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been off the grid for months, but I kind of had a rough go of it for a while there. Enough about me, let’s talk Birchbox! If you haven’t heard of Birchbox it’s this (pretty awesome) website where you can pay to be subscribed for a certain amount of months, and for each of the months you are subscribed they will send you a surprise box of mixed products that you can try! My cousins gifted me a six month subscription for my birthday which was in October and I won’t lie to you, it is the best part of my month. When the box comes in the mail and I get to open it and be surprised by tons of samples of high end products the excitement that I feel is overwhelming. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I have the bladder and heart strength of a chihuahua so getting over excited is kind of dangerous for me, I just end up sweating and shaking and crying. LOL. Anyway here’s the breakdown:

Birchbox Pros:

  • You can fill out a survey about your skin and hair and Birchbox will customize your box to suit your needs
  • The products are more often than not very high quality
  • It is SO FUN
  • The staff respond to E-Mails and inquiries very quickly and are super helpful
  • You can track your box
  • They rarely if ever have sent me promotional E-Mails
  • The little samples are so convenient for travel and your purse’s make-up bag

Birchbox Cons:

  • The website glitched a lot when I was using it and I had to ask for a lot of assistance
  • The samples can be too small to gage whether the product is for you
  • The full size of the products are way out of my price range
  • It is so addictive-what am I going to do after my subscription ends?

The Verdict:

Overall, if you have the spare cash I would recommend signing up for Birchbox. Who wouldn’t want to get a gift every single month full of high end products?!

Lush Dark Angels Product Review

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m a Lush fanatic. One of my favourite products of theirs is Dark Angels and has been for a while. It is an exfoliator and cleanser that can be used on face or body. I haven’t found it to be very irritating but if you have delicate skin, I’d be careful with any scratchy products like this one.

Dark Angels looks like black mud and smells very earthy. This is not that appealing, but it makes up for its lack of presentation by delivering results. Its also great because you can use just a tiny bit and spread it all over your whole body. I’ve had mine for quite a few months and its only half done. Most importantly, its made with charcoal which is becoming all the rage in pimple treatments. I first heard about charcoal skin care when my friend told me she was using Neutrogena’s Charcoal face wash. I try to avoid using Neutrogena because they aren’t cruelty free, so I was delighted to find that lush had a charcoal product as well! After using it for a little while, I have to say charcoal just seems to yank the dirt right out of your skin! For once, the hype may be true.

I use this mostly to exfoliate my back, which is prone to breakouts mostly in the summer. It is the only product I’e found that makes any difference whatsoever.

Downsides: It is very pricey and comes in a really small container. But, you’re paying for mostly the actual acne-fighting ingredients rather than a ton of useless filler creams and scents.


8.5/10 I would recommend you give this product a try!

My Daily Skin Care Routine

First off I want to apologize for the quality of the images I post on this site I don’t have a camera or any editing software. I’ll upgrade my stuff one of these days. For those of you who already have a routine down, you may just want to skin through to the links and check out the products I use. xx


Step 1: Cleanse

My skin is constantly changing, so I use a couple different cleaners. In the winter, I use Spectro for very dry skin and in the summer, I use Spectro for combination skin because the heat tends to make my skin more oily and sweat can clog your pores. Spectro is great cause it comes in a huge bottle which is not very expensive. I’m Indian which means its in my blood to always find a bargain. The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleanser I use when I’m in the shower because its very gentle. Anything tougher would ruin my dry skin if used while my pores were so open. I’ve heard great things about the cleansing balm too and I’m going to try that one out next.


Step 2: Treat Spots

I only do this when I have really bad acne and I only ever use this gentle anti-trouble spot roll-on treatment from The Face Shop. Its very easy to use and doesn’t interfere with my other skin care products or make-up. Bonus, it doesn’t make the zits swell up. The Face Shop also has a lot of deals if you buy directly from their store rather than Sephora which can make it more affordable.


Step 3: Toner

Toner is a very important part of skin care especially if you wear foundation everyday like me. It just helps your skin expel the last traces of dirt from your pores, which can make all the difference. My skin is very sensitive, so I use BurtsBees Rosewater Toner. It smells so light and classy and has never caused me any irritation.


Step 4: Moisturize

Moisturizing, as you may know, is equally important to maintaining beautiful skin. As mentioned in previous posts, I use Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream Moisturizer before bed. In the morning, I use The Body Shop Seaweed Face Cream and if I have scarring on my face, I use Egyptian Magic. A bottle of Egyptian Magic that has not been in my drawer for a month usually looks like this:


This all-purpose skin cream is fantastic so I’ll probably be making a whole post about it one day. For now, just know that it helps your skin heal from dryness or cuts. I got mine at Whole Foods, but you can also get them on Amazon.

Well there ya go. It’s important to note that everybody’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. Diet and age also play a large roll in the condition of your skin. Drinking lots of water and avoiding certain foods can help your skin to clear. For example, I learned that I can eat a ton of chocolate and nothing bad will happen to my skin, but if I drink half a can of soda my face will immediately feel greasy and I’ll have spots within a couple of hours. If you’re a teen there’s probably nothing I can do for you, you just have to stick it out. Everybody else is just as pimple-y as you so don’t worry.

What else would you guys like to hear from me? Would a walk-through of how to deal with body acne help anyone?

Thanks for reading!

Brands I’m Loyal To

This post is going to be talking about the brands I love and have been using for years. I would die on a battlefield for most of these brands, they are very precious to me. As always, if you have any suggestions about ones that should be added or removed, comment them below.


Bonacure- Bonacure is great. I’ve been using their repair rescue line for ages and I just love it. It really does help stop breakage and I like that it is not very strongly scented. Also, you can usually buy the salon sized bottles for a decent price.

Living Proof– Ah Living Proof, my bad romance. This one really breaks the bank because they sell all their products in such small bottles and they’re available in such few places but if you want to invest in your hair, this is the brand to do it with. Or Bumble and Bumble, but Living Proof has way more products that are colour safe so I use it way more often.


The Body Shop– I know I talk about the Body Shop so much I just love their policy on animal testing. I’ll admit, some of their products didn’t blow my socks off, but I will always use their foundation. I will die and be buried in The Body Shop Foundation.

Colourpop- This site was such a find for me. They are so cheap and have so many products that are so flattering for my skin tone. I love their lippies and blushes.

Nyx– Nyx is like the drugstore brand you’ve been waiting for forever, except in Canada we don’t even have it. I have to order it online or wait for it to show up in a pop-up store in Toronto. But hey, every time I do get my hands on it, its just such great quality for such a great price. In sum its got the bang for your buck. I especially love their liquid concealer.

Skin Care

The Body Shop again. Love those guys. I wear the seaweed mattifying moisturizer underneath my primer.

Kiss My Face- I’ve talked about this one before too. They have some products with more medicinal ingredients which is great. Usually products that try to imitate dermatologist prescribed creams end up being unscented, very thick/goopy, and all around boring. Kiss My Face has the fun stuff like great scents and textures and cute bottles along with the components that will actually heal your skin (unlike some of these gigantic skin care companies that essentially give you scented liquid plastic with .02% shea butter)

Aveeno– I honestly don’t know much about a lot of Aveeno’s products, but I’ve been buying their almond scented shaving cream for my legs for ages and it has stopped me from getting razor burn and rashes completely. My skin feels so much smoother!

So there you go. I should be honest and say though that for hair and skin, I use a lot of diy home remedies. I promise I’ll make a post about those in the future when I’m up to doing a full post with recipes and pictures. Thanks for reading!

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy!

Hey guys so I’m still ridiculously sick which has been a massive inconvenience because I was supposed to be writing exams and all my friends are finally coming back from uni for the summer but I am stuck in bed. So I’m still not getting out of bed and putting on any make-up or doing any hair and I’m definitely not taking any pictures of my face (seriously the Hobbit make-up artists could save a ton of money if they just cast me to play the orcs). I will however be posting a few quick how-tos from bed. Sorry guys and if anyone knows any health blogs or home remedies comment them pls. x

One of the things I’m most proud of beauty-wise is that my hair isn’t dead despite the fact that I constantly bleach it and it is naturally very dry (if you want a tutorial on how to care for dyed hair go here). These are the ways that I make sure my hair doesn’t become too damaged and have too much breakage:

1. Leave your hair down as much as possible. Tying your hair up yanks on the strands and can be very damaging so do your best to leave your hair down as much as possible.

2. If you’re going to tie it up, use elastics that don’t have metal parts that can tear at your hair. Sephora has specific anti tear ones and scrunchies are a great alternative as well.

3. Be extra gentle with your hair when its wet. Wet hair is especially prone to breakage as the hair is at its most vulnerable state. I know its hard for people with very curly and/or tangly hair, but try not to brush your hair in the shower or be rough with wet hair.

4. Use wide tooth combs. They can be more time consuming than just oging to town on your hair with a sturdy brush, but your hair will have much less breakage so its worth it.

5. Use hair masks regularly. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, hair masks are the bomb.com. They are so easy, you just put them in twenty minutes before you take a shower and go on with your life as normal. Make sure you get two separate hair masks, one for strength and one for moisture. Use a mask every other time you shower and alternate between the two.

6. Eat lots of protein. Your hair is made from keratin which is a type of protein. Eating proteins can make it easier for your hair to rebuild itself and remain strong (I am not a biologist, but this is what I’ve learned).

7. Towel dry gently. Rubbing your hair with the towel can create a lot of friction and be very rough on your hair. Try patting your hair dry, gently squeezing it inside the towel, or letting it air dry. I simply wrap mine in a towel and leave it.

Go forth and dazzle the world with your luscious tresses.